Heritage Point Farm Store

The Farm Store wraps up its first season on Wednesday, November 26. We’d like to thank all of our faithful shoppers who have made the Heritage Point Farm Store a success.

When you shop at the Farm Store at 2051 Blue Hills Drive, you’re buying the freshest produce, cut flowers, eggs, herbs and more that you can get.   That’s because most of it was picked that day! As you shop through the end of the season (Closed Thanksgiving Day until Spring 2015) please remember that summer season is coming to a close. We still have eggs and hearty greens, but the bounty of the summer season is gone now.  Come Spring 2015, Heritage Point will be growing its largest variety of produce yet.  We’re looking forward to continuing to produce more and more for our Farm Store shoppers and, of course, our customers at Grandin Co-op and Downtown Co-op.


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Farm Store Hours:
Monday – Friday, 10am-4pm
Saturday, 10am-12pm

Closed Thanksgiving Day until Spring 2015


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