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Our Promise is an eight-point pledge that Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op uses for consistency and commitment in every product grown and raised at Heritage Point.

The eight points of Our Promise can be defined very simply as Pure, Sustainable, Fair, Humane, Safe, Local, Responsible, and Honest. However, the commitment Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op is making with Our Promise runs the full gamut of trustworthy food production.  It is the Co-op’s hope that, with the integrity and transparency behind Our Promise, our shoppers will feel safe, confident and educated about the food they purchase from Heritage Point.

Digging a little deeper into the commitment behind Our Promise, we unearth a system that is complex because it emphasizes commitment to not only the food grown at Heritage Point but also the environment, farm staff and livestock, as well as the broader local community and economy.  At the same time,  Our Promise is simple because the guidelines detailed within this pledge embrace honesty and integrity in every facet of our business. There won’t be any cutting corners at the detriment of our workers, livestock or environment.  There is no hierarchy in Our Promise, each pledge is just as important as the one before it or after.


We use no synthetic herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or fertilizers on our crops, fields, or livestock. We use no chemically treated or genetically modified seed, plants, or feed.


We improve our soil, water, and air quality with sustainable management practices, including cover crops, composting, crop rotations, mulching, diversified plantings, and perennial buffer strips.


We provide fair compensation for all farm staff.


We treat animals humanely. We use no hormones or antibiotic-laced feed. Animals have consistent access to water, pasture, and shelter, and the space and freedom to engage in normal animal behavior.


We use sanitary processing and packaging methods, without irradiation or artificial preservatives. Harvest, storage and delivery are managed to ensure the freshest product possible. We provide safe, healthy working conditions for all farm staff.


We are locally owned and operated, and contribute to the local economy by buying and selling locally whenever possible. We work with others in our community for civic good. We actively engage with the local agricultural community to support the Our Promise principles, encourage new farms and farmers, and educate the public.


We protect the natural environment through efficient use of water and energy, reducing and recycling whenever possible, and the responsible disposal of waste. We pledge ourselves to these principles as a basis for ethical food, and invite third-party inspection and verification.


Our labeling and marketing materials are honest. There is no misrepresentation or ambiguity, either by commission or omission, regarding source, quality, or production practice.

Look for the Our Promise commitment on every product grown and raised at Heritage Point.